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Embark on an African Adventure

Welcome to Tanzania Safaris, where the wonders of East Africa await your exploration. Tanzania, home to some of the continent’s most iconic national parks and wildlife reserves, beckons with its vast savannahs, towering mountains, and pristine coastline. Join us as we journey through Tanzania’s diverse landscapes, encountering majestic wildlife, ancient cultures, and unforgettable experiences along the way.

Discover the Serengeti and Beyond

Tanzania is synonymous with safari adventures, and for good reason. Explore the legendary Serengeti National Park, where the Great Migration unfolds in all its glory as millions of wildebeest, zebras, and other ungulates traverse the plains in search of fresh grazing grounds. Witness thrilling predator-prey interactions and marvel at the sheer abundance of wildlife in one of Africa’s most iconic landscapes.

Venture into the breathtaking landscapes of the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s largest intact volcanic calderas. Descend into the crater floor, where a diverse array of wildlife congregates around the permanent water sources, offering unparalleled opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography.

Explore the remote wilderness of the Selous Game Reserve, Africa’s largest protected area and a haven for elephants, lions, wild dogs, and other elusive species. Embark on boat safaris along the Rufiji River, witness the drama of a predator hunt on guided bushwalks, and experience the thrill of camping under the stars in the heart of the African bush.

Our Safari Tours

At Oikos Safaris, we offer a range of safari tours designed to showcase the best of Tanzania’s natural wonders. Whether you’re interested in classic game drives, walking safaris, cultural encounters, or beach holidays, we have the perfect itinerary for you. Our experienced guides, comfortable accommodations, and personalized service ensure that your safari is both exhilarating and enriching, leaving you with memories to last a lifetime.

desert tour

The tour begins and ends in Marrakesh where you experience all the culture and history of the old city (medina) and market (souks). 

15 days tour

This small-group tour (10 or less) is coordinated by Leslie Smith of Leslie‘s Heart Travel in partnership with local family Moroccan tour company.

Blue Morocco: Exploring the Wonders of Northern Morocco

You will begin in Marrakech first heading north to discover Casablanca, Chefchaouen (the blue city) Fes, then going south to discover the magic of the Sahara Desert.


Discover Morocco’s beauty on our 15-day South & North Morocco Tour. Experience exotic cultures, traditions, and hidden treasures with our exclusive tours.

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